11 Insane Futuristic Architectural Designs

11 Insane Futuristic Architectural Designs

Here are the top 11 most crazy futuristic architecture designs from an amazing cobra skyscraper to the floating island called The Ark!

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6. Time Square Glass Skyscraper
So Japan and China are designing their massive skyscrapers, what about ours!? The eVolo Magazine Skyscraper competition searches possibilities intriguing designs for massive skyscrapers far into the future, and the sky certainly isn’t the limit! Someone proposed the idea of a mile high glass skyscraper in the middle of Manhattan! This concept called essence proposed by Polish architectural designers won first prize in the competition in 2015, hoping some days their dreams might become a reality. This would be some extreme vertical living! Can you imagine getting groceries to your apartment a mile high in the sky?

5. The Hyperion, India
The hyperion in the largest tree in the world and it’s location is somewhat of a mystery. But they also used this name for the new towering, eco-friendly building complex in New Delhi! A city that could really use something eco-friendly right now. The amazing thing about this design, is that it is actually going to produce more energy than it takes in! Another amazing design by Vincent Callebaut, these buildings will actually be complete with dairy farms and gardens that both generate energy in ways! Imagine having a farm on your roof top! Crazy idea! These images will give us an idea of what they might look like someday It almost looks like a modern day, Hanging Gardens of Babylon! Agricultural by-products will be turned into methane which will then generate energy. A healthy ecosystem of earthworms, beetles, and bees will oxygenate the soil and keep it fertile. Who wouldn’t want to live here! Should all be ready in 2020

4. The Ark
Russian Architect Alexander Remizov designed this wild creation that could save our lives some day and almost like the Noah’s Ark of the future. This would be built to house 10,000 and is almost like a ship/building hybrid. The ark is designed to withstand floods of biblical proportions. The clear roof allows for light to come in and help plants develop inside, creating food sources for the passengers or inhabitants. This design can be built on both land and sea so in the future, if the land becomes overpopulated, we may have to begin living on bodies of water. This is basically a floating island and might be something we use in the future.

3. Floating Farms
In 2050. Planet earth is expected to reach a population of 9.1 billion, therefore the demand for food will rise 70%. So much land will be needed for farming and developing food which just might not be available for us with this many people on the earth. Turns out, there’s plenty of space still on the ocean and this may be how agriculture will look in the future. Each farm would harvest three resources; fish, crops, and sunlight. A team from Barcelona, Spain designed this concept that could be how we feed people in future generations. These floating farms, will also feature wave barriers, boat docks, storage, packing areas, and processing centers. Water will be desalinated in order to nourish the crops.

2. Tree Scrapers
How would you feel about living in one of these tree scrapers designed by Dutch architect Raimond de Hullu. In this green utopia, there are no cars, now powerlines; only green energy. Homes of the future could be made of recycled wood and covered in green leafy, foliage in order to be protected from the outside elements. Each house would be equipped with solar panels and would be totally off grid. This is almost like a tree house on steroids, right in the middle of the forest! The tall, thin design, helps take up less space but adds affordability and better views from the balcony. If you love nature, this is the best way to go!

1.Cobra Skyscraper
Another Russian architect is proposing the idea of constructing a skyscraper that resembles a giant cobra in Asia or the Middle East. This probably seems like something Dubai would consider building. If you’re scared of snakes, this might not be the best place to go to. The unique skyscraper would have interchangeable lights that run up the structure. Inside the head of the structure, there would be a nightclub or restaurant overlooking the city. The design would be a prominent feature in the skyline and a huge tourist attraction. What will they think of next!