AECOsim Building Designer – A09 – Modeling Interior Walls

AECOsim Building Designer – A09 – Modeling Interior Walls

Bentley’s AECOsim Building Designer V8i is the AEC industry’s first unified interdisciplinary BIM application. This single, integrated application includes tools for architectural, structural, mechanical systems, and electrical design, simulation, analysis, and construction documentation. It fully supports large, complex, distributed models – enabling teams to deliver larger and more finely detailed projects while taking advantage of the many benefits associated with BIM. Among these are an informed work environment that leads to better decisions and better-performing infrastructure, along with lower-cost and faster project execution. This series of Quick Start video series walks our users through a typical BIM workflow with our products.

AECOsim Building Designer — A09-Modeling Interior Walls continues the Quick Start video series by exploring the powerful capabilities of the AECOsim Building Designer’s Wall tools to quickly give definition to your building program. With a completed space planning layout from the previous video, discover how to develop your design by seamlessly erecting walls from Spaces and modeling linear, arced, and even sloped walls from the robust catalog of wall types. Then learn how to modify wall heights, move and break walls, and change wall types. Pay close attention to pickup productivity boosting tips and tricks that include selecting elements by attributes, editing reference files in place, and using AccuDraw for accurate BIM modeling.

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