How to Organize Your Home in 2019

Prioritizing what may keep your home clean during the year can help you assess what is necessary to keeping it that way, clean.

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One of the first things you can do in the morning to help you begin organizing your home is making the bed.

If any laundry needs to be done it is best to organize it in the morning so that you can move any material that needs to be washed into the laundry room and out of the way.

After organizing dirty laundry, assess what needs to be cleaned as far as using cleaning supplies to do so.

Some useful cleaning supplies for rooms such as the bathroom and living room include a microfiber cloth, a wood polishing cloth for any wood furniture that has collected dust, a toilet scrub brush, a spray bottle with multi-purpose cleaner, and a cleaner that is appropriate for any wood furniture you may have.

Organized Home

If your rooms are cluttered with excess items that you may not use, find or purchase a organizer where you can put the items that you do not frequently access.

You could also consider donating items that you no longer use to a local thrift store.

Once you have cleaned and organized your home you can go over the rooms to make sure it is free of clutter and dust.

Remember, your home does not have to be perfectly organized or clean as long as you feel it is comfortable to you.

Many of these tips were referenced from: Real Simple