Why Use PHP Web Hosting?

Many websites use PHP web hosting for their PHP coded web sites. It’s very important if you want to make a PHP website because you can’t use any other type of web hosting unless it decodes PHP. For the most part, you must use PHP webhosting to run it. Many very popular websites (examples below) use PHP and if you are wondering if you should too, here is a list of the benefits you should know.  Great Website Example: http://sanibrightcarpetcleaning.com/

The Benefits of using php webhosting

PHP is hugely versatile and flexible. A PHP website can provide you with the ability to make your website how you want it with the vast array of plugins, widgets and themes that have been created by PHP developers all over the world. You can customize almost anything you want on your site from your home page to a shopping cart page. For instance, if you wanted a great music player for your wedding music business website, you could add a music player of your choice to it using a coded PHP widget, made by a couple different developers.


PHP is the most well-liked website coding language that uses dynamic web pages. In fact the coding language was first made with dynamic web pages in mind. A dynamic web page is a page that provides different content each time it is viewed in response to an action. A good example of a dynamic web pages is a login page or a shopping cart page. Also using dynamic pages is to customize thank you pages is a great way to utilize this. For example, when somebody buys a product on a website, a personalized thank you pops up thanking you for buying the specific product.


PHP works well with HTML making it compatible with many devices, even iPhones and Ipads. Once a website is written in PHP, the PHP web host then makes the code into HTML. Within the HTML coding,  many customized/coded features will end up. In other words, since the PHP script or code is translated to HTML, it basically is HTML when your web pages are published.


WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla are developed and written with PHP. A lot of people choose to use one of these three content management systems all the time. Additionally, many plugins and widgets have been made for these content management systems as well. Because of the sheer volume of people using these three content management systems, PHP webhosting has become a necessity for many webmasters.

Popular sites that use php webhosting

There are many famous websites which use PHP web hosting that do great for people and business such Wikipedia, and Twitter. The main reason why they do so well as a website is because of the flexibility PHP has to offer. They establish good connection with people and business owners by using the tools that PHP includes.

PHP is widely used by many websites, flexible, versatile, and has a wonderful use of dynamic paging. If you desire more information, we suggest you contact our friends at Modwest.com who specialize in php hosting.