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Benefits Of Hiring Carpet Cleaning Professionals

Clean carpets make a home look and feel beautiful. Regular carpet cleanings do more than just keep a house looking its best. Keeping carpets properly cleaned keeps allergens, pet hair, and dust to a minimum, making a household environment as healthy as it can be.

For households that have young children or older individuals living there, this can make a huge difference in everyone’s well-being. Carpet cleaning should be done professionally even though it is possible to perform a deep cleaning by renting a carpet-cleaning machine at a nearby grocer or hardware store.

Instead of bothering with removing furniture from each room prior to a carpet cleaning, leave that to the Boulder carpet-cleaning professionals. Leave the task of getting all the corners of every carpet in every room to these professional carpet cleaners, also. They know precisely how to utilize the right tools and equipment for the carpet with steam brush

There is also a variety of choices to opt for when using carpet cleaners. A formulation that makes use of carbonation cleans powerfully to get the carpets deep-down clean with much less moisture. You could do this job yourself and not realize the potential for mold and other problems when using a rental machine that operates mostly using hot water and cleaning solution.

Look for green clean options as well and be sure to contact your local carpet cleaning service for special offers. If you have a high-traffic household or one with pets or smokers, be certain to get your carpets professionally cleaned every six months. Check out It keeps the home healthier, cleaner, and makes the carpets last longer. Make the right choice when you need to get your home ready for the holidays, special occasions, or a seasonal clean.



Tips for Eliminating Health Hazards in Your Home in the Wintertime

Now that winter is here and you’re spending more time indoors, you need to make sure that your home is safe and healthy for these colder months. That will mean keeping your home warm and comfortable for your family, but it will also mean eliminating some of the more obvious safety hazards that pop up in colder weather. Here are a few tips that will help you with that.

Keep Your Walkway and Driveway Clear


Unless you’re ridiculously cautious and sure-footed, you’ve probably slipped and fallen on an icy sidewalk or driveway. If you want to keep this from happening on your own property, keep your walkway and driveway clear of ice and snow. Shovel after every significant snowfall so the snow doesn’t get packed down, and apply some sidewalk salt if your walkways get particularly icy.


Humidify Your Home


The air gets very dry in the winter, and that can make things uncomfortable for everyone in your home. If you haven’t installed a whole-home humidifier, consider doing so. If you live in a smaller space or only really need to humidify one room, you can also buy a smaller humidifier at any department store. It can cut down on painfully dry skin and all of the other issues associated with a lack of humidity. Just be careful about raising the humidity higher than 50 percent since dust mites and mold will thrive in more humid environments.


Take Care of Your Roof


Your roof is especially vulnerable in the winter, so you’ll want to make sure it’s in good shape before the snow starts to fall. Try to schedule a roof inspection before the weather gets too harsh, and clear any excess snow off the roof with a roof rake. Doing so can help prevent ice dams and leaks, and it might prevent any catastrophic collapses if there is a particularly heavy snowstorm.


Open a Window


You might want to save this for warmer days, but you should open a few windows for about 10 minutes a day or so to air out your home. Otherwise, you’re basically breathing recycled air all the time, which isn’t good if you have allergies or any respiratory infections.


Prepare for an Outage


Power outages can happen at any time of the year, but they are especially dangerous in the winter. It’s always good to invest in a generator in case you lose power in your home, but if you don’t want to invest in one, you should at least have a battery-powered radio, plenty of warm clothes and blankets, candles, a cell phone with a charged battery, and plenty of non-perishable foods. You will need them if you lose power in a bad snowstorm and cannot leave your home.


Keep Carpets Clean

Carpets can harbor dirt and allergens that can be hazardous to your health. Regular vacuuming is important to minimize the dirt tracked in during the winter months. Schedule regular professional carpet cleaning during these months when you are spending more time indoors.


Top 10 Home Maintenance Projects for Fall

With fall here, there are many different things that you can do around your home. These projects will help your home look better and ensure that everything is in working condition for the upcoming winter months.

  1. Landscaping


This time of year is perfect for landscaping. The first thing you should do is inspect your grass. Look for any brown spots that need to be treated. If you have not seeded your grass this year, now is the time to do so. You can also fertilize during this time. Also, take a look at your trees and shrubbery. If they need to be pruned, you want to do this now.


  1. Pressure washing


You will want to pressure wash the exterior of your home as well as your decks and driveway. This will help eliminate any mold and mildew built up on the side of your house or your decks. After you get done pressure washing your deck, make sure that you seal it to ensure the wood’s longevity.


  1. Outdoor furniture and Equipment


Clean your outdoor furniture and equipment. After you wash them, cover them, and store them for use in the spring.


  1. Cleaning your Gutters


During this time of year, you will want to make sure that your gutters are clear of any leaves and debris. If they fill up, this can cause damage to your roof.


  1. Inspect your Roof


Take a look at your roof to ensure that it is not damaged in any kind away. This is especially true if you had summer hailstorms. If there is an issue with your roof, fix it immediately before the winter months.


  1. Check Your Heating System


Check your heating system, and make sure that it is functioning correctly. If you have a fireplace, check the chimney to ensure that birds have not built a nest, and that is free from creosote.


  1. Checking your Plumbing


Now is an excellent time to inspect your plumbing system to ensure that all of your drains are draining well. You also will want to make sure that all of your pipes are insulated against the cold.


  1. Ensuring Adequate Insulation and Ventilation


Inspect the ventilation system of your home to make sure that it is in good functioning order. Also, take a look at your insulation to ensure that every room in your home is well insulated.


  1. Pest Control


The fall months are a great time to treat for any unwanted pests. Treating for pests now will help you to avoid pest related problems in the spring.


  1. Minor Repairs


If you have any minor repairs that need to be done, the fall months are a great time to do these. Make sure that you address the repairs before they become major repairs.


Taking the time to do these ten things will help you make sure that your house is in full functioning order for winter’s arrival.

Power Washing Vs. Soft Washing: How to Decide Which Is Right for You

While most people focus on keeping the inside of their homes clean, keeping the exterior clean is equally crucial. Not only does exterior cleaning provide aesthetic value, but it also boosts the durability of materials by eliminating dirt, fungus, mold, grime, and mildew. For most people, whether cleaning their homes’ exteriors by themselves or through professional cleaners, the best options are either power washing or soft washing.



Even though both of these methods are effective, they serve different purposes. Therefore, it helps to know their differences to determine which method is best for addressing your specific needs.


Power Washing

This method works by pushing highly pressurized water through a nozzle to eliminate grime or dirt from any surfaces the water hits. Power washing is highly effective and cleans surfaces quickly, but you should use it selectively.


Due to its forceful approach, power washing could damage your property if not used carefully. Generally, use power washing when cleaning sidewalks, landscaping bricks and driveways, and never use it on your home’s siding.


Soft Washing

Soft washing follows a gentler approach to cleaning, by relinquishing pressurized water in exchange for chemicals. While this method may look somehow similar to power washing because the same type of nozzle is used, the water pressure is low, and cleaning is a result of water and chemical solutions.


The biodegradable chemicals used in soft washing are ideal for removing algae, moss, and dirt. This method will neither damage your home’s exterior nor harm surrounding plants.


When You Should Use Power Washing

As mentioned before, power washing uses pressurized water, usually, 2500 PSI or higher, to clean surfaces. While such pressure can quickly remove stains, there is a likelihood of damaging the soft surfaces of your home’s exterior. For instance, it could destroy your home’s siding, crack windows, damage shingles, or remove paint.


To avoid any damages, reserve power washing for surfaces like:


  • Walkways, concrete sidewalks, and driveways
  • Stone brick or other hard surfaces
  • Paved patios


When You Should Use Soft Washing

The average pressure of water used for soft washing is 1000 PSI or lower, which is safe for the delicate parts of your home’s exterior. Unlike power washing, soft washing cleans surfaces using specific detergents and some patience.


Opt for soft washing when cleaning surfaces like:


  • Lanais, screens and screened enclosures
  • Wood panel sidings
  • Cedar shakes
  • Stucco and coquina


For expert advice, visit

Eco-Friendly Ways to Keep Your Home Germ and Allergen Free

Everyone wants to cut down on the number of germs living in their home. Yet those with pets and babies may worry about using household cleaners. Many of those cleaners can contain harmful or harsh chemicals that can be lethal to both pets and babies. Here are a few eco-friendly ways that you can sanitize your home.


1. Baby-Safe Cleaning Wipes


Whether you have a baby or not, you could always use baby-safe cleaning wipes. These are different than traditional cleaning wipes because they’re made with less powerful chemicals. Baby-safe cleaning wipes are designed to be used against the sensitive skin of babies.


They’re powerful enough to sanitize but not powerful enough that they’ll harm your baby or pet. You can be sure that they’re safer for the environment, too.


2. Remove Carpet


Your carpet could contain a lot of allergens within its fibers. Even if you vacuum regularly, allergens could be lurking deep in the roots of the fibers where vacuums can’t always suck.


You do away with these lurking allergens by removing the carpet entirely. Hardwood floors, vinyl floors, and tile floors are easier to clean. They also don’t trap allergens.


For those who like comfy and soft textures beneath their feet, you can always include a few rugs on the floor. Those can simply be taken outside and beaten to release the allergens.


3. Baking Soda


You can never go wrong with using baking soda. Besides being a great way to deodorize, baking soda can also be used to sanitize.


The alkaline powder inside of baking soda can remove proteins and neutralize acids. When mixed with vinegar, it can create a bubbly cleaning paste that can effectively remove most stains and other problems.


Baking soda is safe to use and easy to buy.


4. Hydrogen Peroxide


Commonly used to disinfect wounds, it can also be used to remove mold, mildew, and stains in your home. It can kill many kinds of dangerous bacteria. Simply coat cloth in the peroxide and wash away counters and bathtubs to sanitize and kill bacteria instantly.


5. Salt


If something is rusty in your home, or you just want a powerful clean, you can add salt to some lemon juice. This can not only clean off the rust, but it can also disinfect your home. You can also create a paste of salt, flour, and vinegar to remove burnt stains on cooking supplies. It can even be used on pewter, gold, and silver to make it shiny.


Finally, if you’re someone who uses their sponges frequently, you can clean them up by having them soak in salt water when you’re not using them.


Stay Healthy


Clean your home safely with these tips and visit  for more information on Eco-friendly cleaning.


Keeping Your Floors Clean Isn’t Easy

Keeping your floors clean isn’t easy! Whether it’s the entryway at work, or the foyer at home, anywhere that sees a significant amount of traffic is going to pick up dirt. There are many DIY options for cleaning your carpets at home.


While it’s possible to combat the mess in the short term, it’s important to deep clean your carpets in order to keep them looking bright and new for as long as possible. When that time comes, it’s important to let the professionals handle it and hire

carpet cleaning service!

On the one hand it’s perfectly possible for someone to clean their own carpets. It does take time, the right equipment, and experience in getting the job done, however. For those who don’t have these requirements, it’s just as likely the carpet will get damaged than get clean. For that reason if no other it’s a much better place to turn your carpet cleaning duties over to men and women who will get it done right the first time, and who will make sure the job is done quickly and painlessly.



How to Care For Your Oriental Rugs

Maintaining Your Oriental Rug

Taking care of your high-quality Oriental rug is an important step in protecting it. Taking good care of it keeps the value of the rug preserved as well as increasing the value of the rug as time goes by. Whether you keep it in the family as a priceless heirloom, or choose to sell it one day, knowing how to take care of your Oriental rug will help maintain its value. Below are some easy things to do that will keep your rug in excellent shape for generations ahead.

Spot Cleaning – When something gets spilled on your Oriental rug, cleaning that spot right away is the best (and easiest) idea. You don’t necessarily have to perform a deep cleaning on the entire rug with every spill. Keeping a bit of mild dish detergent and some vinegar on hand is great for minor accidents. Use a clean cloth dipped in the mixture of vinegar and detergent to dab the spill off on the rug as soon as you notice it.

Pet Accidents – Even highly trained pets are prone to have accidents. Using a simple solution with vinegar is the best way to clean up a pet accident. Mix together 8 parts of water with1 part of white vinegar and 1 small squirt of dishwashing detergent. An alternative mixture is simply made by using 1 cup of water mixed with 1 teaspoon of ammonia. Use pet odor removal products with extreme caution since they can potentially bleach your rug.

Sunlight – Keep your Oriental rug out of direct sunlight as much as possible. Over time, the sun can fade out the dye in your rug drastically. If you cannot keep the rug out of direct sunlight, try rotating it as much as possible to keep any fading on the rug consistent all over.

Cleaning Rugs Professionally – It’s a good idea to have your valuable Oriental rugs professionally cleaned at least once a year. Even rugs well maintained throughout the year need a professional cleaning to remove hidden debris and dirt that you cannot see.

Rug Padding – Using a padding under your Oriental rug will help protect and stabilize its shape and reduce the chances of wrinkling. This also makes the rug safer to walk on and adds a layer of comfort.

Maintain Rug Repairs – Like most other valuable items, if you keep repairs up-to-date, along with professional cleanings every year, your rugs will last much longer. Some minor rug repairs include reweaving, minor fringe repairs, and patching. As we all know, accidents do happen. Repairing minor things as they occur will prevent major costly repairs later.

Using the Right Vacuum – The type of vacuum you use on your Oriental rug makes a difference. Never use a spinning head vacuum on an expensive Oriental rug. Use vacuum attachments instead, so you can clean delicately while avoiding damage to the elaborate knotted threads.

Oriental rugs add an atmosphere of beauty, elegance, and artistry to your home that regular rugs cannot match. By following some of the above steps, you can keep your Oriental rug as beautiful as it was the day you first brought it home.

How to Choose the Right Flooring For Your Home

Tips For Choosing The Best Flooring For Your Home

Determining which new flooring to put in your home can seem like a tedious, daunting task. There are many popular options to choose from and each comes with its own set of options to pick from as well. When comparing different flooring choices, take into consideration the look and feel of the room and the amount of foot traffic the room gets. Below are some of the top flooring options to compare before making the ultimate decision.





Hardwood is a traditional favorite when it comes to flooring. It offers a natural, warm feel and matches many homeowners’ decor. Of the many types of hardwood flooring options to choose from, oak is the most popular. Exotic hardwood flooring options such as Tasmanian Oak and Brazilian cherrywood can be imported. Styles of hardwood flooring can vary from parquet and plank to pre-finished boards that can be installed yourself.




Laminate flooring is another popular choice because of its affordability and durability. It costs less than hardwood and is easier and quicker to install. Laminate flooring is composed of wood-based materials that are laminated together and covered with photographic imprints.




Though the name can be confusing, bamboo flooring is not created from trees. It is manufactured using a light-weight woody grass. Bamboo flooring is highly durable. It is made from a quick-growing, regenerating plant that is as strong as steel. Humidity does not stand a chance with it because it resists swelling and contraction. For environmentally-friendly homeowners, bamboo is a great flooring option because it is grown in controlled forests where it takes only three to five years to grow to maturity. In contrast, the trees used to manufacture hardwood flooring take up to 120 years to mature.




Cork is another environmentally friendly flooring option. Because of its honeycomb-like structure, the flooring offers a cushiony feel when walking on it. Cork flooring can come in a range of finishes, and pre-finished tiles are available for use. Cork flooring is perfect for bathrooms and kitchens because they offer a non-slip surface.




Another green flooring choice is linoleum. It is manufactured using natural materials and does not deplete forests. The primary materials used to create linoleum are wood flour, rosins and linseed oil. It is waterproof, scratch-resistant, ding-proof and easy to clean. Linoleum can come in a variety of distinctive patterns, colors and is comfortable to walk on.




When you have a little bit more to spend, tile options such as natural stone, porcelain, granite, slate, travertine and marble are great flooring options. If you want tile but are on a budget, porcelain is the most affordable. It is easier to maintain than marble and has the same beauty and durability as natural stone.




Vinyl is one of the more affordable options of flooring for your home. For homes that are prone to moisture issues, vinyl is a great choice. It is soft underfoot and easier to clean than tile. When it comes to the amount of traffic your home gets, the thicker the vinyl the better.




A popular trend in flooring these days is concrete. It is the most affordable, durable and easy-to-clean option available. Concrete can be stained with multiple colors and stamped with countless designs.



Of course, carpet is the choice for many homeowners. Carpet provides warmth and coziness along with helping to filter allergens out of the air. If you have your carpets cleaned regularly, they will last for many years. Visit to learn more!

Carpet Should Be Cleaned Professionally


Having carpet in your home provides a number of pros and cons. Both hardwood floors and carpet can be beautiful and they both can be easy to clean if you maintain them. Most like carpet because it keeps the home a little bit warmer in the wintertime, and if you are like me you love to walk around with your shoes off. Carpet collects a lot of dirt and dust just as hardwood does, but if you keep it clean and regularly get your carpet professionally cleaned you will love the comfort it brings. There are a few rules to consider when getting carpet installed in your home.

The first should be to ask everyone to take their shoes off when entering your home. This prevents tracking dirt from the outside. Another should be to tell the children not to eat where there is carpet. If you have children then you know trouble is only a cup of juice or a chocolate candy bar away. When a disaster happens nowadays we tend to look online for remedies and DIY blogs to fix the issue. If you want to keep your carpet looking brand new then you should call a professional in times like this. Using some cleaning agents can discolor your carpet in certain spots making your carpet look older than it really is.
Professional carpet cleaning services combine professional-grade cleaning equipment with the best cleaning agents, and most importantly the experience. Carpet can hold germs and in turn, hold smells. If you smoke in the house then you should get your carpet cleaned regularly, this will keep the smell that you are nose-blind to out and keep your carpet smelling fresh. If you have pets you will smell them no matter what air freshener or carpet powder you use from the store. A professional carpet cleaning service uses equipment that deep cleans the carpet getting the germs and small particles out that fall deep inside the carpet.
So if you want to keep those spots in your new puppy from becoming an issue you can call someone with experience, because a dog has a powerful nose and will seek out that same spot until he is properly trained.
If you have a light-colored carpet then it will be near to impossible to keep it cleaned with store-bought chemicals. Once again it takes a professional to get an even clean throughout the entire surface of the carpet.

Get professional help with your fall deep cleaning tasks!

The autumn brings its own cleaning obligations every year. There are so many items that have to be put into storage for the winter and tasks that need to be done. Closing your swimming pool, arranging your garage, and cleaning out your home while the weather is still warm enough are all at the top of a homeowner’s to-do list. Let’s take a look at the fall deep cleaning routines that many follow in greater detail below.


#1: Raking the Leaves


Raking the leaves is a cleaning chore that is synonymous with fall weather. Fall describes the falling of the leaves and the descent of everything that sprouted in the summer back to the ground from which it came.


Nowadays, you can make short work of lawn care with an electric leaf blower or a mulching mower that chops up any clippings into a rich fertilizer. Many people also turn over their lawns and reseed with a winter fertilizer that is ready to grow new grass in the spring.


#2: Home and Garage Organization


It is critical to organize your belongings in your home, shed, and garage before old man winter comes. If you don’t organize your belongings now, you will have a lot of trouble in the cold weather. You don’t want to be moving furniture or fidgeting with anything when it is freezing cold outside. You can slip on the ice or freeze your fingers off in the cold snap. 

There are also certain things that need to be put into winter storage while other items need to be unpacked or brought out of their storage spots. You should bring your snow shovels and snowblower to the front of your garage for easy access, for example, and store away all those summer toys and pool supplies way in the back.

#3: Shampoo Your Carpets

Before the winter comes, you should deep clean and shampoo your carpets. Hiring a professional company to come in and do it after you have organized and vacuumed is the best idea. You can also have the carpets in your vehicles shampooed. In both cases, you can find car floor mats and use certain habits to limit tracking dirt into the house.

Removing your shoes in a foyer area and investing in laser-measured custom car floor mats are all viable solutions to winter grime. You will be surprised at how fresh your carpets look after they are shampooed and may decide to put off purchasing brand-new carpets.

Click here for more information on carpet cleaning :


You can thoroughly enjoy the winter when you take a few simple steps to prepare. These are just a few fall deep cleaning tips that you should consider. Most homeowners get too busy to think about these things until after the perfect window for fall cleaning closes.