20 Of The Worst Building Designs On The Planet

20 Of The Worst Building Designs On The Planet

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#10 – The Selfridges Department Store in England
This ugly building is found in Birmingham’s Bull Ring Shopping Center and leaves most people cringing. The shape is weird, the metallic circles covering the entire surface are ugly, and the walkway looks as though it leads right into the nose cavity of an extremely ugly ogre. The building as a whole is one of the ugliest things I’ve ever seen.

#9 – The Corn Palace in South Dakota
This building is referred to as the ugliest building in the entire southwest. Each year the exterior is redone with different kinds of corn to recreate a mural of pioneer life. Yes, the fine folks in South Dakota decorated the outside of this building with CORN, like the kind you eat. Pretty amazing artwork, not a good building material.

#8 – The Delftware Warming Station in the Netherlands
The Netherlands keep us amazed with all of their horrible building designs, and this one really takes the cake. Not only does it look like a strange, skinny, stand-alone chimney, the entire exterior looks like it is covered in your grandma’s wallpaper. The shape and the blue china pattern are what makes this warming station one of the worst.

#7 – The Tianzi Hotel in China
The hotel is in the Guinness Book of World Records for being the biggest image building, and it’s easy to see why. The building is fashioned after three Chinese Gods with the deities representing good fortune, prosperity, and longevity. The peach being held by Shou is an actual room for rent. While it does look kind of cool, staying in a building that resembles an old man is sort of creepy and weird.

#6 – The MIT Building in Cambridge, Massachusetts
The building houses both computer science labs as well as the philosophy department at MIT. Not only does the outside design of the building look the remnants of a natural disaster but the deliberately random interior design angers and frustrates the students who attend. With no two parts exactly alike, the interior is simply confusing and unpleasant to work in.

#5 – The TV Tower in the Czech Republic
This tower was commissioned and built in 1992 and is the tallest structure in Prague today. It reaches an incredible 216 meters in height and offers unique circular views of the city below. It offers some options for entertainment and six-star luxury suites. Besides its strange shape the addition of the ten giant baby sculptures crawling up the side of the building is what makes this structure an ugly one to behold.

#4 – The Tours Aillaud Buildings in Paris, France
Built in the 70’s, the Tours Aillaud buildings remain some of the worst building designs today. The group of residential buildings includes 18 towers, holding 1,607 apartments. The issue with these building is the fact that they resemble giant cheese graters, which is not what you want to represent unless you are the top cheese-maker in the world. Perhaps, not even then.

#3 – The Hotel of Doom in North Korea
This 3,000 room hotel is now nothing but a giant eyesore; it’s so bad that when government pictures are taken of the skyline, the hotel is routinely photoshopped and cut from the picture. Construction began in 1987, but 20 years later they called it quits when North Korea realized they not only spent a fortune in building costs but the hotel was unfit for human inhabitants. Rising 1,083 feet over the streets of downtown Pyongyang, this building is the 22nd largest skyscraper in the world, even though the hotel remains unopened, unoccupied, and unfinished.

#2 – The Jaiyi County Church in Taiwan
No, this isn’t a department store, it’s a church. The design was dreamed up in an attempt to attract more female worshippers, and they chose a nice high heel, thinking that would do the trick. Not only is that extremely sexist, the building looks more like an ugly sculpture instead of a place of worship.

#1 – The Bolwoningen Houses in the Netherlands
In the 1970’s the Dutch government handed out subsidies for experimental housing designs. One artist complied with the strangest homes you’ve ever seen, the Bolwoningen Houses. There are 50 of these circular structures that resemble something out of a 1960’s sci-fi flick. It may be a dream come true for those who want to be whisked away in a UFO, but for regular folks, these house designs simply will not do.