Building Design – Wish List – Tutorial – Backyard Pavilion – Imagine Absolute

Building Design – Wish List – Tutorial – Backyard Pavilion – Imagine Absolute

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Designing is complicated. Watch how a wish list turned into a “Terrace Sanctuary.”

This tutorial demonstrates the use of bubble diagrams for building design, and when we begin to incorporate the use of AutoCAD and architectural visualization software.

This demonstration will show you how we designed a backyard pavilion and incorporated the outdoor kitchen design ideas of the client into this structure. You will discover how Imagine Absolute can assist you with your house plans and your unique home design. You will learn that the process of design is at least as important as the design, itself, whether a ranch home or a small cottage.

The principals of design are the same for any project, and design is a very interactive process. It requires collaboration with the client, as well as contractors, engineers, and suppliers to ensure that all of the intricate details of the project have been addressed before any construction begins.
“Terrace Sanctuary” designed by Larry Leslie
Thank you to the following contributors:

Linda Radach – Scriptwriter

Tom Becker – – Photography

Michael Kelly – Image Editing

Larry Leslie – Architectural Design, Creative Director, Voice-over, AutoCAD Modeling and Plotting, Dog Cart No.1 (Design, Fabrication, & Photography)

Scott Amsberry – 3D Modeling, Texturing, Lighting, & Rendering, Architectural Visualization, Animation, Audio/Video Editing

Special Thanks to:
Greg Oolman, Mary J. Oleson, Barb Greiner, & Brubeck

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All designs Copyright©2014 Imagine Absolute All Rights Reserved

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