Building the Ultimate Box Joint Jig — John Heisz Design

Building the Ultimate Box Joint Jig — John Heisz Design

Have always wanted to make a box joint jig and have several projects coming up that I will need one so now was a good time to make one. Tried several different designs that I saw and liked but they each had their own finicky issues and decided after spending several days to try a proven and excellent design and I chose John Heisz’s design and am super pleased that I did! Check out the build video and head over the for the plans.

This jig can be made from a section of plywood 18″x48″ and a few hardwood scraps. It is very accurate, repeatable and solidly built, I am very pleased and highly re comment this design if you have every wanted to build such a tool.

John Heisz Ultimate Box Joint Jig Plans:

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Some tools I used:
FastCap 16oz Glue Bot

Swanson Combination Square

Bessey Quick Clamps

EDC Belt Carry

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