H1Z1 BASE BUILDING Design Just Survive Gameplay Secure Raid LOOT ROOM Bases Designs Guide

H1Z1 BASE BUILDING Design Just Survive Gameplay Secure Raid LOOT ROOM Bases Designs Guide

I feature six of my very favorite H1Z1 Base Building Secure Base Designs with some including secret hidden loot rooms and glitch protection. Never fear being raided again as long as you follow the golden rules while building your semi unraidable PVP survival bases. I will give you tips and tricks on how to protect your loot and defend your bases from raids in this tutorial walkthrough. With the new patch no clip cheater and ESP hacker will not be able to see your containers while your base and door is secure. Each of the H1Z1 Bases I show you is a pain in the ass to get into. That is very important when it comes to your loots security and your piece of mind… and please for your own sake do not use ramps on your deck foundation Gate. I will explain why this is so important in the video. Wall up all of your bases first so you can start hitting those loot spawns and start farming for that scrap metal and wood to build your very own fortress of safety! I did not feature a floating shelter design in this video as they will be a thing of the past very soon. This video is only part 1 so stay tuned for more!

Never fear!! Save your Lootdude is here! Just in time for the new wipe! Well close enough. =P

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