Large building design in The Steel Detailer (SOLIDWORKS Add-in)

Large building design in The Steel Detailer (SOLIDWORKS Add-in)

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The Steel Detailer is a SOLIDWORKS add-in that enables a designer to rapidly model complete buildings that can be positioned in a higher level plan assembly to check for interference and communicate how mechanical equipment is assembled within and around the building.

The Steel Detailer offers structural steel building blocks such as purlins and girts made up of multiple structural members and joints that can be placed in to the building design. In this particular case We will add a complete central bay girt by simply clicking one line and allowing The Steel Detailer to re-size all of the members to fit. A double bay can be added equally as quickly by selecting the appropriate structural building block and clicking on the desired building sketch segment.

Purlin building blocks can be added just as fast and can even include complete drawing sets for fabrication in the background. To get the correct orientation and dimensions, we will add a single bay purlin by selecting the correct building block and the two perpendicular lines that correspond to the width and height of the desired purlins. Multiple structural beams are added to the project, resized and named appropriately to generate a complete material take off. This automation not only saves an enormous amount of time but also ensures that design standards are consistent between multiple team members.

When returning to the higher level plant assembly, You will notice that the building assembly has been updated and top level layout drawings can be completed with ease.