Minecraft: How To Build A House – Layout & Design (Stud Tech Ep.7)

Minecraft: How To Build A House – Layout & Design (Stud Tech Ep.7)

Well hello there, GoodTimesWithScar here bringing you a new season of StudTech. The modded survival series has awesome new Minecraft mods for building, world aesthetic and adventuring.
In part 7, I will show you how to build a house. The house building tutorial will use some awesome building mods to make the old west house come to life.The house’s design will be of an old west army fort post. The interior design of the house will have a kitchen, dining room, living room and many bedrooms with furniture. There will also be a secret underground basement room. I hope you enjoy.

HUGE thank you to our friends over in the PT Noob Crew for hosting us on their server and helping us create the modpack! Check out this awesome group of friends and streamers at: http://noobmc.com/

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