Roominate Studio Design + Build Set, A Living Room For Harrie!

Roominate Studio Design + Build Set, A Living Room For Harrie!

Harrie and I have fun building his living room. I even added a little dog toy with mouse. He will have a blast with that.

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Lucky Penny Thoughts: I had fun learning about this new Roominate Studio 70 Piece Set. The design is really up to you! They give you some ideas, but ultimately you are the architect, electrician, builder and contractor! That is a lot of responsibility 🙂 Just remember to have fun and do what you want with your design. Send in a photo of your build and see if they post it on their web site.


▶▶ Skip Times ◀◀
0:07 Intro/Box Details
1:10 Parts Inventory
2:00 Instructions/Ideas
2:37 Getting Started – Building Walls
4:40 Adding Color Sheets
6:55 Windows
7:58 Adding Furnishings
11:20 Battery Power
15:02 Building A Fan
19:00 Close Up Look!

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Roominate Studio 70 Piece Set

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“Roominate スタジオ デザイン” “Reka bentuk Roominate Studio” “Roominate Studio Design” “Дизайн студия Roominate” “Roominate estudio de diseño” “Roominate สตูดิโอออกแบบ” “Thiết kế Roominate Studio”

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